SimpleStats is an application to automate statistical analysis and reporting for clinical research. The tool generates Tables, Listings and Graphs (TLG) in a structured and faster way with the assistance of Artificial intelligence (AI). The uniqueness of the tool is that it can work with any sponsor/biostatistician TLG shells.

Built with an efficient framework for accelerating the TLG generation process in just 3 simple steps. Produces TLGs simply by uploading the TLG mock shell and ADaM datasets. The SimpleStats AI engine will automatically annotate TLG mock shell with ADaM variables. Users can review and finalize annotations based on ADaM Data. The system automatically generates reports in minutes and provides a stand-alone program per TLG.


Interactive real time TLG preview

Powered by intelligent Self-learning
analytics engine

On-screen layout adjustments and
pagination (PROC REPORT in the code will
be automatically adjusted)

Generates TLG programs and report
datasets for QC purpose


Significant reduction of programming efforts

Easy adaption to sponsor's TLG mock shells

Quick & Flexible to re-do TLGs towards mock shell and ADaM data changes

Downloadable Stand-alone programs without Macros

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